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Drawsheet creation software for all sports

The BallStream Drawsheet Control is specially designed to cater for seeded draw sheets for 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 player fields.
 Licence:   FREE 
 User guide:   PDF document (49 k) 
 Download:   Windows (6.9 Mb) 
 Register:   NA

drawsheet control panel

System requirements

        - Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
        - Software must be installed and run as Administrator
        - Install to C drive only if you want to licence this software


If you downloaded the ZIP file simply unzip (uncompress) it and run DrawMaker_setup.exe, which will install the software and support files to your computer. Although this software can be installed to a portable drive it is not recommended if you wish to use your licence code and open the full features of the software. The ideal location for installation is to where recommended by the installer. Note: It is required to install this software with Administrator permissions to enable this software to function properly. 

Updates and re-installing

If updating to a more recent version of this software, to prevent loss of existing records, first you need to make a copy of your database and store it in a different folder. Updates of same major version numbers will be compatible, however major version updates may not be. For example, upgrading from version to version or are minor upgrades whereas upgrading from version to version is a major upgrade and functions may have changed that may not be compatible with your current database and its records.

Demo version

Registering the demo version will enable the following features:

        - No advertising banners or popup reminders about demo versions
        - Send newsletters and reports to all listed players by email

Click here for activation instructions.


This software can be used for all types of sports. Before creating a drawsheet you first need to add the Players to your database and then create an Event.

Player index

To be able to cross reference matches with players and results which are needed to complete the daw through to a final, you need to add the players to your database using the forms within this software. Then when creating a list of the players to be included in a draw you can simply tick their checkboxes.

Event list

The name of the event, the country and state is to be added to your event list before creating a drawsheet so that Match Codes can be assigned to each match in a draw. It is most recommended to commence the name of the event with the year so that when you create a new drawsheet for the next year you won't have to delete the previous one (safeguards are in place to prevent duplicating drawsheets).

Match Codes

Match codes are comprised of the Event title, the year, the country, the state and the game number depending on its position in a drawsheet.

Creating a new drawsheet

Once you have created an Event and have a list of Players to include, creating a new drawsheet is as simple as following the prompts though the process. Along the way you can sort the players according to their rank/seed in the tournament. It is most recommended to double check your entries before clicking onto the next step because once a drawsheet has been completed it cannot be edited and if any errors have been made you will have to start again from the beginning.

Drawsheet seed order

Once your players have been added for the Event you can sort the seed list by either click-dragging rows or by entering their rank number from 1 to whatever number of entries you have. Click-dragging rows may ensure that there are no errors in the sequence however the numbering option may be more suitable when you have a long list of players.

Drawsheet byes

The software will total your players and automatically place them in the draw according to seed order allowing for any byes. It will also select the type of drawsheet to be used whether it be for 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 player drawsheet. 

Drawsheet progression

When each match is filled by two (2) players a hyperlink will become active for that match. When that match finishes you need to use that hyperlink to open the appropriate form to update the score results. Each winner will then automatically go through to their next round and when that round is filled by 2 players another hyperlink will become active and so on until you reach the final of the draw. 

Drawsheet print outs

At the bottom of the drawsheet display page there is a link for Printer Friendly Version to end the page to your printer. Alternatively, the drawsheet can also be exported by using one of the Save links.


The Newsletter function enables you to send email newsletters to all the players in database using only a few clicks of the mouse. All you need is an Internet connection and to nominate the mail server for your own ISP. Provision is available for sending up to 4 attached documents with each email.

From the Newsletter index you can keep track of which newsletters have been sent, when, with which attachments and should you need to resend the newsletter you can do so from the newsletter index without having to input your message and attach the documents all over again.

Before sending a newsletter to all players we strongly recommend that you send a test to your self first and check its delivery. Then if all looks ok, you can then resend the same newsletter to all players.



Licensing for the BallStream Drawsheet Control is FREE.



To maintain as small a database as possible and prevent any inefficiency in the future caused by oversize, some features have been included to remove redundant table records when they are longer needed. BallStream Drawsheet Control uses an Access database, which is encrypted to prevent corruption of statistical data due to misadventure. To prevent errors this data cannot be manipulated by manual editing. However there are functions available within the software for exporting tables to a variety of formats.

Security settings

This BallStream software utilizes the features of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and any security limitations set in IE will affect the performance of this software, ie: JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled.

Other factors that may prevent this software from functioning properly are anti-virus programs (this software must have permissions to run). Windows Vista and Windows 7 may require that you run this software with Administrator rights.


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